ColourPop Haul

A few friends and I decided to place a combined ColourPop order as it was cheaper for postage. Unfortunately with the dollar being so bad lately, it’s almost impossible to order anything from the USA unless you get someone to help share shipping costs. We were able to split it 5 ways, so postage wasn’t too bad!

So, what did I get?!

Shadows – La La, Bill and Partridge.

CP eyeshadow & swatchedLippie Stix – Westie, Fighter & Pencil and LBB.

CP lippiestix & swatchesCheeks & Highlighters – Butterfly Beach and Birthday Suit.

CP cheeks & swatches

(I’m still getting used to the blush & highlighter. With them being a cream/powder hybrid like the eyeshadows I’m trying to work out the best way for application). I’ve done a review on ColourPop before but I cannot stress enough the quality of their products. I’ve never seen anything like it! I’d love to order the entire website in one go, but as I said due to a bad dollar exchange and postage costs, that will never happen. I will continue to expand my collection bit by bit, they are by far becoming one of my favourite cosmetic companies ever! 🙂


ColourPop Haul

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