Neutral blush obsession

So recently I’ve discovered I’m addicted to neutral/nude blushes. I hate using the term ‘nude’ as there’s no such thing, everyone has different skin tones and what works for some doesn’t work for another. So I’m going to use the word neutral! I find I go for neutral blushes more because I love the way they look on my skin. Some of my darker ones are more blush/bronzer tones, so I use them on my entire face to give it some more colour when I’m feeling pale.

nude blush with namesAll the ones I own are my favourite (obviously lol) so I’m going to talk through each one and why I love it! The first one to start my obsession was Tarte Breathless. It’s apart of the Tarte 12-hr Amazonion Clay Blush Palette for 2014. Unfortunately most places are sold out of this blush palette, although I have heard some people say they have found it at the Sephora in Sydney. A lot of people have also said it’s not pigmented and patchy. Wellll, I disagree. I love that this is sheer and I find it’s easy to build up if I want more colour. It’s not patchy and lasts ALL DAY on my skin. It’s one thing I love about Tarte blushes, they absolutely last all day. I’m going to say this blush is a peachy neutral and a matte finish.

MAC Tenderling was my next purchase of a neutral blush. I love MAC blushes, they are milled so fine and feel like butter. Again another peachy neutral but it really suits my skin tone. It’s a “sheertone blush”, so it’s obviously sheer lol. Again I can build it up for a beautiful peachy neutral glow and it has a matte finish.

Third and fourth neutral purchased blushes were from the US in January (I had a friend go there and bring them back for me). Tarte Exposed was a recommendation from Kathleen Lights. I’m actually so obsessed with her YouTube channel, sometimes I feel like a stalker lol. It’s a pinky neutral and one of my favourites for an “everyday” blush. Goes with everything and has a beautiful matte finish. Benefit Dallas is a blush/bronzer neutral colour for me, I love using it lightly as a blush, or smearing it all over my face for a glowly bronzey look. Like all other Benefit products it smells similar to Porefessional (seems to be a favourite scent of theirs), but I find this scent pleasant so it doesn’t bother me. It does have shimmer in it, but I like the way it looks on my skin. Like a nice glow 🙂 I’ve also heard this blush is going to be discontinued soon, so hop to it!

My most recent neutral blush is my NARS Madly. My first NARS blush and I’m smitten as a kitten. I’d call it a browny/peachy/pink neutral colour, it’s hard to explain. It looks gorgeous on my skin and can we mention NARS packaging?! I hate how dirty they get but the soffffft black compact just makes me want to touch it constantly. Hah I’m a weirdo. I’m sensing a NARS addiction soon! Like Dallas it has a subtle shimmer, but comes out so beautifully on my skin. With having shimmery blushes it means I don’t need to add highlighter, so it’s like a dual product!

Nude Blush swatches with names❤ MJG

Neutral blush obsession

Sample to full sized

I love samples, who doesn’t?! Especially if you want to test something out you have a feeling you might love. I was quite lucky in 2014 and received a lot of samples that year, not only from my The Parcel subscription but from other circumstances as well. I’m not really one to ask for samples in stores, but in 2015 I shall learn to conquer that fear! Anyway, to the point. I have fallen in love with some samples I have, so much so I want to purchase them full size.

IMG_4480Urban Decay Setting Spray. What can I say, this makes my makeup last all day with minimal touch-ups. It doesn’t stink and dries fast on my skin. It’s perfect for the climate I live in and I feel I cannot live without it! It shall forever have a spot in my beauty collection.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. This lives up to it’s impressive hype. My skin feels so soft and supple the morning after I use it. It’s such an expensive item that I only use it twice a week, I feel that’s all my skin needs. I’ve never tried a serum that has compared to this and I can see why it has an exorbitant price tag. My skins ageing has slowed greatly since using this, and anything that helps me hold onto my youth deserves bonus points to me!

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye. Similar to the serum but this is targeted to the eyes. My dark circles, puffiness and fine lines have greatly decreased since using this. Again and exorbitant price tag but it actually works! Only a tiny amount is needed and I just think it’s simply divine.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless. After much deliberation I’ve decided this is my new love. It helps to create a flawless canvas for my foundation to sit on and also helps it last longer on my skin throughout the day. I use it more for night time or weekend wear as I have a daytime SPF primer I use for that purpose. It’s not that expensive and a little goes a long way.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. Now I’ve cheated with this one as I actually have a full sized tube in my acrylic drawers. However it deserved an honourable mention! I have never found a brow product I’ve never been more in love with. I use it every day and it makes my brows look polished and perfect all day.

Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara. I actually have one of these full sized coming to me from the USA. Cheating again, but technically I don’t have it yet 😛 To me it’s similar to Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, yet it doesn’t clump at all and is more wet. I have a sample sized Too Faced BTS mascara but it dried up after a few weeks of using it, which you can imagine didn’t impress me. It’s not waterproof and creates such lovely long, thick and curly lashes on me. I think I’m also falling in love with “comb” mascara wands rather than the traditional brush ones.

Benefit the Porefessional. Using this with the Too Faced Primed & Poreless is a match made in heaven! It helps to fill my salada face and create a smooooooth canvas. I love it and so do millions of people! I suggest you get a sample size and try it out! Oh and it’s another affordable primer.

Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian. Who would’ve thought that I fell in love with a LIPGLOSS. It smells like lolly heaven and it’s minty tingly sensation is addictive. It’s perfect over everything or just by itself. Because it’s super thick and not so tacky it lasts for ages on my lips. I can see why this is a cult favourite and I want to own allllll the colours!

2015 will bring some interesting purchases for me, I cannot wait!


ps – this is my 100th blog post! Thank you to all my followers, I’m almost at 50!

Sample to full sized

My wedding makeup

Hello everyone, I am back! I am officially a Mrs now and back from ‘holidays’. I wouldn’t really call them holidays as they were so short and hectic. It was amazing to go back to my home state to see family and friends but it flew so fast because of the wedding. I guess I still haven’t realised I’m married yet, probably because my relationship with my husband (eeep!) is so great that it’s just another ring on my finger.

I am writing a enormous post about organising my own wedding, but I wanted to make a separate post about my makeup. Oh the story I have for you…

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My wedding makeup

Sampling Benefit

As mentioned in my previous post I received a box of samples awhile ago. I’ve been slowly working my way through it and today I’m going to give my opinion on some Benefit ones that were in the box.

benefit samples

Benefit Agent Zero Shine. This sample pack was a bit odd to me, the powder was in a sachet, similar to the ones you get in 2 min noodles.. It did come with a cute, yet scratchy brush. I tried my best to carefully open the sachet of loose powder but did manage to get it everywhere! I know I’m normally messy when it comes to applying powder, but even being so careful I had more down my top and on the bathroom counter than on my face. I found it to be a bit patchy on my skin and it had no lasting power. It also has an odd smell, I really couldn’t pick it. I applied it for a lazy day spent at home and within a few hours my shine had returned and worse than before! I wouldn’t purchase this and much prefer powder compacts to remove shine throughout the day.

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream. I received a decent sized sample, I managed to get 3 days from this, which is unusual from a moisturiser sample. It has a lovely fresh cucumber smell but for me it was just too strong (I literally gagged). It lingered for quite some time after it had soaked into my skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for people who have skin irritations around scents and perfumes, it’s very over-powering. You only need a small amount of the cream to spread over your entire face, so if you purchased the full sized pot I’d say it would last you quite awhile. My skin didn’t feel oily and it dried nicely on my skin. I would consider using this during summer, but the scent really puts me off. I wouldn’t purchase this.

Benefit Benetint. This was the most exciting sample to try, I’ve heard so much about it and have wanted to try it out for ages. It’s the least disappointing of the 3 but still didn’t impress me that much. The tiny bottle was a mirror image of the larger bottles, it has a wide open top with a lid containing a brush. The brush is thin and good for getting the edges of your lips perfect, that impressed me. It smells like roses but tastes like vomit, just in case you were wondering. It dries super quick on your lips/skin and I recommend an exfoliated lip prep beforehand. I needed 2 coats on my lips to even change the shade to one darker than my own. I think I’m really unco as I couldn’t get it to work on my cheeks. I think I either put too much or didn’t spread it fast enough but it made me look like I had patchy rosacea. Two things I liked the most from it was as much as it’s a stain it was easy to remove with Micellar water and it’s great at defining my lips. If I want something on my lips but not a lipstick or a gloss, it’s perfect for just making them look a better version of themselves. I’d consider purchasing this, but it’s incredibly expensive in Australia.

Not a good start to first time try of the Benefit brand, but I do have some other items coming from the US in October for my birthday. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?


luna helpingPS – I had a helper write this post.

Sampling Benefit