Customising time!

I love Z-Palettes for their functionality and they’re also great space savers. I don’t have a vanity/beauty desk in my rental, so I’m either doing my makeup in the bathroom or sitting at my computer desk in the study. It’s great to just pick up one item and have multiple choices rather than juggling items in my hands carrying them from one room to another. It’s also perfect for travelling!!

Depotting CompleteSo enter the Z-Palette, for those that don’t know it’s basically an empty magnetised palette that you fill yourself. Whether you depot items yourself or buy them just in their metal tins, you pop a magnetic on the back and it stays where you place it. I already own a large Z-Palette that I have shadows in but I’ve always wanted one for my blushes as well. Well during the last free shipping sale at Lipstick Republic I thought I’d finally buy the XL size and write a post about depotting!

To me depotting is pretty simple, but I did watch a few YouTube tutorials before I attempted it myself. All you need is some form of heating element (I recommend a hair straightener), some prying tools (a knife with a pointed end or a safety pin) and wax paper. The thing I will point out first is make sure you heat the item less than you think it’ll need. It’s best to under heat it, then put it onto the heat source for a few seconds at a time until it’s just warm enough to melt the glue. If you heat it too much you run the risk of the plastic melting, you burning yourself or damaging the makeup item you’re trying to depot.

IMG_7046All makeup items are packaged differently, so it’s best to do some research to find out the best way to remove the outer packaging first. I have a MAC blush here and they’re pretty easy to find the small gap around the edge to stick the knife in to, then it’s just a matter of gently popping it out. You can see it’s still then inside some plastic but the outer is completely removed.

Depotting Step 5I heat up the straightener then place the wax paper onto it along with the half depotted item. Depending on how much time it needs, I remove it once I think it’s warm enough and the glue is sufficiently melted underneath the metal pan. Then you stick the knife directly in the middle of the plastic underneath and push up. If the glue is heated enough then the pan will remove easily from the plastic. Using the knife gently pry the pan completely from the plastic and quickly attach the magnet as the melted glue will help the magnet to adhere to the bottom. You can also gently heat the outer plastic to remove the sticker to pop on the bottom as well if you want to keep a record of what it is somewhere.

Then just pop it into your palette! Super simple and something crafty I love doing 🙂


Customising time!