The benefits of Fix+

And no it’s not just another setting spray, it does more than that! Sure it may just look like water in a fancy bottle and cost a lot of money, but trust me when I say it’s worth it.

MAC fixplusMAC Prep + Prime Fix+ is a multi-tasker. You can spray it on your face before foundation to hydrate your skin and prep it for primer or you can go straight to foundation. You can also spray it onto your foundation brush or sponge to help thin out your foundation when applying it to your face. It’s sold mainly as a setting spray, to help remove the ‘just powdered’ look to your face. Most importantly, or what I use it for the most is intensifying eyeshadows and bringing out their true colours.

MAC fixplus differenceAbove is a MAC eyeshadow called Amber Lights, they describe it as a “Golden peachy-brown with golden shimmer”. I purchased it on a whim years ago without swatching it first, which in my mind was a mistake as when it arrived I found it lacked pigment. However, you can see to the right of the picture once you spray Fix+ onto your brush it really brings out the true colour of the eyeshadow.

I own quite a few shadows that aren’t super pigmented, sometimes I love that and sometimes I want it to go WHAM in my face with pigment. Here’s where Fix+ saves the day 🙂


The benefits of Fix+