The benefits of Fix+

And no it’s not just another setting spray, it does more than that! Sure it may just look like water in a fancy bottle and cost a lot of money, but trust me when I say it’s worth it.

MAC fixplusMAC Prep + Prime Fix+ is a multi-tasker. You can spray it on your face before foundation to hydrate your skin and prep it for primer or you can go straight to foundation. You can also spray it onto your foundation brush or sponge to help thin out your foundation when applying it to your face. It’s sold mainly as a setting spray, to help remove the ‘just powdered’ look to your face. Most importantly, or what I use it for the most is intensifying eyeshadows and bringing out their true colours.

MAC fixplus differenceAbove is a MAC eyeshadow called Amber Lights, they describe it as a “Golden peachy-brown with golden shimmer”. I purchased it on a whim years ago without swatching it first, which in my mind was a mistake as when it arrived I found it lacked pigment. However, you can see to the right of the picture once you spray Fix+ onto your brush it really brings out the true colour of the eyeshadow.

I own quite a few shadows that aren’t super pigmented, sometimes I love that and sometimes I want it to go WHAM in my face with pigment. Here’s where Fix+ saves the day 🙂


The benefits of Fix+

3 things that irk me about the beauty world

I’m going to try my best to not turn this into a rant blog post, but I have some negative things to say. This post reflects my personal opinion only!

1 – MAC Limited Edition Collections.

MAC Cosmetics release limited edition sets continuously throughout the year. From my own knowledge either 100% or at least 90% of the colours/items are new and only apart of the collection. I get the point of creating collections, and creating hype by making them limited edition. But why oh why only have a TINY amount of it?! Clearly MAC is popular, every girl I speak to know of them or own some of their products. I honestly think that MAC doesn’t need to limit the amount of products they create for each collection.

Not only do I think the amount of products per collection is ridiculous, I also hate how vague they are in release dates and times. You pretty much have to stalk the website waiting for it to appear, and even if you have the items in your cart when you go to pay they can disappear! Or even worse, like some girls I know that recently purchased from the Cinderella collection, they get emails saying the products were unavailable even though they purchased them and have tracking numbers.

I purchased my LE Lipstick through David Jones, no hassles and I chose in-store pickup. Hassle free and I think what I will be doing in the future if another LE collection is appealing to me!

IMG_59012 – Filters and Over-editing Photographs.

It’s actually sad and annoying when you’re scrolling though Instagram and almost every single picture has blurred spots, or have high contrast. What makes it worse, is when the blurring is done badly and you can CLEARLY see where they’ve done it and where they haven’t. At most all I correct in my images is white balance and sometimes I increase the brightness if the lighting in my bathroom/bedroom isn’t that great. Sure I’ve used some Instagram filters, who hasn’t?

I totally get if you don’t like your skin, lack self confidence or it boosts your confidence to blur out your pores/facial hair. I’ve felt that and been there, pretty sure we all have. But if you’re going to do it on every picture, make it uniform and learn some basic photoshop. I follow some girls on Instagram who blur their skin on every picture, it’s obvious but it looks nice because it’s well done. Don’t use shitty phone apps and rely on your finger to paint the blur on. Also know if people see you in real life they’ll know instantly what you do to your images.

I know a lot of people will take offence to this point, but coming from a photography background it’s not that hard to learn simple photoshop techniques.

IMG_59253 – Keyboard Warriors.

I spend more time on YouTube reading comments than actually watching videos, and the amount of hatred on there is unbelievable. For example the recent makeup collection video Jaclyn Hill uploaded, just go and look at the comments. It’s not just women who hate on women, it’s anyone and everyone. I get being “famous” you have to know things like this are bound to happen, but why do they have to happen? Wayne Goss is known for upsetting keyboard warriors by expressing his thoughts on his channel, people go mental at him for doing so. It’s not just people disagreeing, it’s hatred as well.

I could go on for hours on this topic, but it’s exhausting. I hate seeing horrible things written on any platform, no matter how strong you are it will still affect you. Bullies and harassment is not and will not ever be ok.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 1.33.50 pmSo yep.


3 things that irk me about the beauty world

Prime those eyes!

I’ve found that no matter how great the eyeshadow, you always need to have a base. Whether it be a primer, cream shadow or some other kind of cream product. I’m going to chat about the products I own myself and my opinions of them!

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. Very pigmented with a matte/dry texture. This has fast become the only product I reach for when it comes to priming my eyes. My eyelids are pretty oily, and the only eyeshadow I’ve found to last without priming is MAC shadows. Everything else slides around or melts away after a few hours. Not with this baby! Nothing moves, at all. I came home after a sweaty day at work and it was also hot that day, it looked like I had just applied my eyeshadow. I’m totally blown away by this product, if you have oily lids then I highly recommend! It also helps to bring out the true colour of the shadows, I’m hooked.

Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer. Very thick, dry/matte texture. Can be hard to apply a thin layer to your eyes and does give a light/white colour to your skin. In regards to the boast of 24 hours, well mmmm no. Does it help my shadow stay on all day? Yeah, but also makes my lids feel a bit heavy. I did have high hopes for this product, all the reviews sounded amazing. I’m a bit disappointed with it to be honest.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hr Cream Gel Shadow. Super creamy and very pigmented. The one thing I love the most about this range is how buildable they are. You can put a super thin layer without distracting from other shadows you put on your lid, or you can just use these for an all over colour. They also have a great colour range, so you’re bound to find a colour to suit as a base for any look you’re creating. I own about 7 colours so far, unfortunately we don’t get the collection edition colours if we did I’d buy a lot more!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer. Thinner texture and medium skin tone colour. Helps to bring out the true colour of the shadows and does help in keeping them on my lids. However it’s not dry enough for my oily lids and lasts about 5-6 hours only. Lovely product and glad I only have a sample size. Recommend for someone with dry/normal lids.

Eye BasesWhat bases do you like using? Do you even use bases?


I’m currently researching for a new background for my photographs, or a series of backgrounds to create a new theme. I’m getting a bit sick of the stark white.. Any ideas?

Prime those eyes!

MAC Lipstick

I never understood the hype behind MAC lipsticks until now, and I totally get it. The one thing that ticks me off the most is the price of them in Australia. They are affordable in the US being under $20, yet in Australia they’re $36 or $40 for a Limited Edition one… Like seriously? Anyway, enough ranting about MAC prices in Australia, let’s leave that for another post.

IMG_5852One of my gorgeous friends was travelling to her homeland, South Africa, and their makeup prices are similar to the US. She was thoughtful in asking if I wanted anything, so naturally I chose a few things from MAC. I knew it was a great opportunity to grab some lipsticks I’ve wanted for awhile to add to the one I already owned.

IMG_5851So why do I love MAC lipsticks? Well first off, they smell so delicious I want to eat them. It’s like a sweet vanilla caramel smell, oh it’s delicious! Secondly, for a ‘normal’ lipstick they have great staying power. Even trying to wipe the swatches off my arm with just Micellar water was a struggle. Their colour range is large and you are bound to find something you like. I live in a pretty hot state and don’t have any issues with them melting or sweating, I’ve heard some people do and have to keep them in the fridge. I’ve found that now I have more neutral colours I’m wearing them almost every day. Also the shades I chose wear lovely on my lips, and even if I do eat or drink you don’t notice much wearing off. I love the finish on these lipsticks, they aren’t drying and keep my lips hydrated throughout the day. My favourite is Brave as it’s my exact “my lips but better” colour.

I have a looooooong list of MAC lipsticks on my ‘to buy’ list, one day I will own them all! 😛


MAC Lipstick

Neutral blush obsession

So recently I’ve discovered I’m addicted to neutral/nude blushes. I hate using the term ‘nude’ as there’s no such thing, everyone has different skin tones and what works for some doesn’t work for another. So I’m going to use the word neutral! I find I go for neutral blushes more because I love the way they look on my skin. Some of my darker ones are more blush/bronzer tones, so I use them on my entire face to give it some more colour when I’m feeling pale.

nude blush with namesAll the ones I own are my favourite (obviously lol) so I’m going to talk through each one and why I love it! The first one to start my obsession was Tarte Breathless. It’s apart of the Tarte 12-hr Amazonion Clay Blush Palette for 2014. Unfortunately most places are sold out of this blush palette, although I have heard some people say they have found it at the Sephora in Sydney. A lot of people have also said it’s not pigmented and patchy. Wellll, I disagree. I love that this is sheer and I find it’s easy to build up if I want more colour. It’s not patchy and lasts ALL DAY on my skin. It’s one thing I love about Tarte blushes, they absolutely last all day. I’m going to say this blush is a peachy neutral and a matte finish.

MAC Tenderling was my next purchase of a neutral blush. I love MAC blushes, they are milled so fine and feel like butter. Again another peachy neutral but it really suits my skin tone. It’s a “sheertone blush”, so it’s obviously sheer lol. Again I can build it up for a beautiful peachy neutral glow and it has a matte finish.

Third and fourth neutral purchased blushes were from the US in January (I had a friend go there and bring them back for me). Tarte Exposed was a recommendation from Kathleen Lights. I’m actually so obsessed with her YouTube channel, sometimes I feel like a stalker lol. It’s a pinky neutral and one of my favourites for an “everyday” blush. Goes with everything and has a beautiful matte finish. Benefit Dallas is a blush/bronzer neutral colour for me, I love using it lightly as a blush, or smearing it all over my face for a glowly bronzey look. Like all other Benefit products it smells similar to Porefessional (seems to be a favourite scent of theirs), but I find this scent pleasant so it doesn’t bother me. It does have shimmer in it, but I like the way it looks on my skin. Like a nice glow 🙂 I’ve also heard this blush is going to be discontinued soon, so hop to it!

My most recent neutral blush is my NARS Madly. My first NARS blush and I’m smitten as a kitten. I’d call it a browny/peachy/pink neutral colour, it’s hard to explain. It looks gorgeous on my skin and can we mention NARS packaging?! I hate how dirty they get but the soffffft black compact just makes me want to touch it constantly. Hah I’m a weirdo. I’m sensing a NARS addiction soon! Like Dallas it has a subtle shimmer, but comes out so beautifully on my skin. With having shimmery blushes it means I don’t need to add highlighter, so it’s like a dual product!

Nude Blush swatches with names❤ MJG

Neutral blush obsession

My MAC shadows

So I’ve started a love affair with MAC eye shadows. I was tossing up between MAC, Makeup Geek and Morphe Brushes shadows when I was doing my USA Haul. I decided with MAC and I’m glad I made the right decision. Not that I’m saying I won’t ever try Makeup Geek or Morphie, but for now I adore MAC!

In the USA the single pan shadows are $10, whereas here in Australia they are $26. Pretty big difference huh? Also the single pan shadows can only be bought via their website or in a Pro store, annnd of course there’s no Pro store in Perth. I highly recommend if you know anyone visiting the USA to purchase some MAC for you or purchase via a shipping company, because it’s so over-priced in Australia!

Anyway I picked up 6 shades to put into my ever-growing Z-Palette.

  • Shroom
  • All That Glitters
  • Woodwinked
  • Sable
  • Twinks
  • Satin Taupe

I also remembered that I own ‘Expensive Pink’ from yearrrrrrs ago that I bought FULL PRICE as a single shadow. I depotted it an added to to my collection in the Z-Palette with the rest.

MAC shadows & swatches

I honestly cannot pick which one I like the most, they are so gorgeous and compliment each other. On the USA MAC site when you click the ‘Best Sellers’ tab in the shadows it actually works and shows you the top 14. I chose 4 from that list and the other 3 from internet recommendations. They are all very buttery and smooth. The only one which isn’t as pigmented as the others is ‘Twinks’, you need to use a lot of pressure or a damp brush to get enough onto your lids.

I used these shadows to create my wedding day look and they lasted the entire day. I forgot to use eye primer as I was in a rush but honestly didn’t need it. With primer the colours are more intense but you don’t need it to make them last.

I love these shadows and have a list of the next ones I want to purchase. Have you tried any MAC shadows? Which ones are your favourite?


My MAC shadows

My wedding makeup

Hello everyone, I am back! I am officially a Mrs now and back from ‘holidays’. I wouldn’t really call them holidays as they were so short and hectic. It was amazing to go back to my home state to see family and friends but it flew so fast because of the wedding. I guess I still haven’t realised I’m married yet, probably because my relationship with my husband (eeep!) is so great that it’s just another ring on my finger.

I am writing a enormous post about organising my own wedding, but I wanted to make a separate post about my makeup. Oh the story I have for you…

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My wedding makeup